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The Mining Institute was founded in 1969 with its headquarters in Skopje. Since last year (1997) Mining Institute is organised as a holding company with management board, which is led by the president of the board. The Institute is organised in such a manner that it acts through the scientific, research and design departments in the frame of which the specialists groups are formed and offer different services in mining industry, energetic, environmental protection and safety at work. The Institute provides services and carries out works and analysis by the following Departments: Mining, Energy, Environmental protection and Safety at work.

Its work covers the fields of scientific research in mining, mine development and engineering, applied geology, geodesy, thermo technical engineering. In addition, it is realised in safety at work, protection against fire and environmental protection. The Institute development strategy was primarily focused on both creating a high level professional staff and equipping comprehensive laboratories that would satisfy the needs that come from the mining industry.
The Institute has its own building with comprehensive equipped laboratories which represent a good ground for its further growth. The laboratories are well equipped for work in all areas of mining research with special capabilities in mineral dressing and concentration, chemical and technological analysis, laboratory and field scale technological analysis, laboratory, air sampling equipment and monitoring of determination of harmful component concentrations.

The Mining Institute has strong links with the Public Power Corporation and the Mining and Geological Faculty, University of Skopje.           
Also the Mining Institute has appropriate co-operation with the government institutions as Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Science and etc.

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