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The working organisation of Mining Institute of Skopje was founded in 1969 as a branch of Mining Institute of Belgrade, on suggestion of both the Parliament and the Chamber of Economy of SR Macedonia and sanctioned by an Act of Working Council of the Mining Institute of Belgrade.
Since August 1984 the Mining Institute of Skopje has been working as an independent organisation with its headquarters in Skopje.
Its work covers the fields of scientific research in mining, mine development, design development and engineering, applied geology, geodesy, thermo technique, including works in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. In addition, it is specialised in safety at work, protection against fire and environmental protection.
A rapidly growing interest in mining and geology activities in the Republic has created a need for establishing a technical organisation which cover and develop new technologies in the mineral production and concentration industries, and this has become the scope of the Institute.
The Institute development strategy was primarily focused on both creating a high level professional staff and equipping comprehensive laboratories that would satisfy the needs that come from the mining industry.
In the first years a priority was given to the development of the following fields: underground and open pit mine development, including mineral processing, side by side with safety at work and mine ventilation.
In the last few years the activities in the field of applied geology, metallurgy and thermo technique have been developed as a result of inadequate treatment of these disciplines from the aspect of rational and complex utilisation of minerals from the Republic.
The period after 1979 was characterised by a significant increase in all sectors of the mining industry of the Republic when a lot of mining projects have been worked out and realised, such as: Buchim cooper project, Oslomej coal project and Rzhanovo nickel project. In addition, a reconstruction and expansion of the mine and capacities were carried out in Sasa and Zletovo mines. Many non-metallic, coal and decorative stone mines and processing capacities have been constructed and put into operation too.
The Mining Institute of Skopje had an active role in implementation of all these projects.
The Institute has its own building (which can be expanded if needed) with comprehensive equipped laboratories, which represent a good ground for its further growth.
The laboratories are well equipped for work in all areas of mining research with special capabilities in mineral dressing and concentration, chemical and technological analysis, laboratory and field scale tests, equipment for terrestrial and photogrammetry services, model testing laboratory, air sampling equipment and monitoring for determination of harmful component concentration. In addition, the Institute offers a complete instrumental measurement technique for vibration monitoring and temperature for machine and plant condition measurements.
In order to be able to undertake operations on project of mutual interest and to exchange experience, including specialisation, a scientific and technical collaboration with a number of institutions home and abroad has been established.
The activities such as safety at work, environment protection, including energetic and technical security services, metallurgy and processing engineering give the Institute a special and unique mark.
The Institute is organised in such a manner that it acts through the scientific, research and design departments in the frame of which the specialists groups are formed and offer different services in mining industry.
Today, RUDARSKI INSTITUT provides services and carries out works and analysis by the following departments: Underground and Open Pit Mining, Mineral Processing, Energy Department, Environmental Protection and Safety at Work.

The income of the Institute is provided by implementation of scientific and research projects financed by the Republic Funds including funds from international foundations for scientific and technical co-operation. However, the basic revenues are provided by projects on the contract basis with the companies and institutions home and abroad.
The Mining Institute has strong links with the Public Power Corporation and the Mining and Geological Faculty, University of Skopje. Scientists of the faculty are engaged in the Institute projects and consequently the Institute staffs are engaged in the activity of the Faculty.
Also the Mining Institute has appropriate co-operation with the government institutions as Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Science and etc.

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