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Open pit mining


This Department offers service and works on complex problems connected with the scientific-research and design activities in the field of open pit mining, such as coal, metallic and non-metallic mineral exploitation.
The research and project activities cover the basic phases such as development of new open pit mines and expansion and modernisation of the existing ones, as drilling operations, blasting, loading, transport, dumping as well as the communication systems, surface and subsurface drainage.
The specialists groups have been established in this Department: a group for metallic and a group for non-metallic minerals, which provide specific services applied in the phase of research and exploration, including design of individual ore deposits as well as the existing open pit mines.
In this Department a special attention is paid to the individual specialisation of the technical staff. In fact, some of the technical staff is more oriented towards assignments, which cover the open pit development and construction, drilling and blasting operations, with the small-scale non-metallic mineral deposits.    
A specific attention is also given to the field of exploration, design and day-to-day supervision and implementation of the coal extraction processes, relating to the continuous coal extraction methods at large open pit coal operations such as Suvodol and Oslomej coal open pits.


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