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This department services and carries out work and conducts research in the field of underground exploitation of ore deposits that is to say mine planing and design, developing work, and technology for opening, ore extraction, ore transport and haulage, power supply, mine drainage and etc.

Since it’s foundation 20 years ago, this department has established a general pattern of underground mine development, consisting of series of stages by which a large number of projects were implemented and carried out. It covers basic conception, feasibility study, preliminary design, investment program, technical and supplementary projects and etc.

The individual stages of the underground technological phases, for instance ore extraction, slope supporting, drilling, blasting, etc have been an object of the analysis and research on both the model scale basis and laboratory scale basis, in order to estimate and determine the most optimal parameters which depend on mountain-geological, ore and rock characteristics of different ore deposits.

The most optimal parameters obtained from previous scientific and research activities are the basis for proceeding with detailed design.
In cooperation with other mines in the Republic numerous research activities have been carried out as a result of which a large number of technical reports and feasibility studies concerning the ore extraction and other technological phases have been worked out and made available.

Both skip-shafts and tunnels from the surface developed the Zletovo mines, consisting of several mine districts. The extracted ore from Dobrevo mine is transported by a trolley loco, through the mine haulage tunnel to the Probishtip concentration.
The Sasa mines are also consisting of several mine districts developed by skip shafts and tunnels from the surface. The extracted ore from the Svinja Reka mine district is lowered down by gravitation through the sliding holes to the concentration. The extracted ore from the Golema Reka mine district is transported through a skip access system and the ore is further transported to the concentrator.

Driving shafts from the surface were developed for the Toranica mines. An inclined service ramp and mining ramp were constructed for transportation and mine servicing with material and other equipment. The extracted ore is gravitationally lowered down to the central ore pass. The ore from the mine haulage level is transported by a trolley loco to the concentrator. On the base of detailed studies, in the cooperation with the engineering staff from the Toranica mines, a new ore extraction-mining method by application of modern equipment was developed adopted to the local mountain-geological and other rock mechanics conditions for mining. As a result of different ore extraction technologies, including numerous variants, are applied for mining.
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